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30 Day Challenge 2015

Saturday, January 10 – Sunday, February 8

The challenge is simple!  Run/Walk or Somehow Just Get Your Heart-A-Pumpin’ Every Day for these 30 Days!

  • We’ll provide inspiration all along the way and a cool Saucony giveaway at the end.
  • Saucony shoes will be raffled off each week! 

What constitutes a workout? Nothing fancy and you decide-no pace, time or distance requirements. Just get out and run, walk, swim, bike, dance, do a body workout at home, visit the gym, etc., every day for 30 days. The idea is that exercise becomes something you do every day, automatically, like brushing your teeth! Clinicallyproven to become a habit, a positive one, in your life. What do you say? You want to take the challenge don’t you?

How do you keep track? You keep track by x’ing out calendar days, keeping a log, posting on our Facebook 30 Day Challenge group page now and then, hash marks on your running shoes; or whatever works for you!
This is all about you, so decide for yourself what success is during these 30 days and we will honor your word.

Weekly check-ins – Along the way, we will do weekly check ins.  If you report back and let us know that you are still “in“, you will be in the running for the weekly drawing for a pair of Saucony shoes!

What do you get once completed? Satisfaction, smug and otherwise, a great start to 2014, a fun giveaway from Saucony, and entry into a drawing for lots of cool prizes, like shoes, hats, shirts and socks!  Weekly raffle for Saucony shoes!

How to join?  Join on our Facebook 30 Day Challenge 2015 event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/351026201767887/ and say, “I’m in.” Let us know by January 10th.

2014 30 Day Challenge Recap – How They Kept it Going

Over 1,000 enthusiastic participants took us up on our challenge of exercising 30 times in 30 days and almost 200 reported in to let us know they kept it up every day of the challenge.

We were heartened and impressed to hear keys to success, stories of overcoming struggle and even eye-opening new achievements. Others told of not completing the challenge, but persevering nonetheless.

Prizes were awarded along the way and upon completion. Healthy habits were ingrained, a sense of satisfaction and ear to ear grins were earned.  Hope you will join us for the 30 Day Challenge in 2015!

For some renewed gumption or re-inspirement, check out participant responses about what kept them going.  And here’s a sampling of those responses:

Thank you guys so much for this challenge! It has literally saved my life!!
My name is Katie I turned 34 midway through this challenge. My dad suffers from heart disease and
diabetes and so have many of my other family members. His heart had stopped and his implanted
defibrillator had brought him back for the third time a few days before I learned of the challenge. I have
“known” for years that I needed to do something or I will suffer the same fate. I was at work when I
received the email from our a woman in our HR department informing us about the 30 day challenge. I
had been worried about my Dad all day and what could I do to “fix” him and make everything better and
all I kept thinking of was my own prevention. Then the email came in I read the part about how if you do
something every day for 30 days how it makes it a habit something like brushing your teeth. This made
sense to me it was a no brainer I replied right away that I was in.

The magic that has happened since is the best part. I joined a gym because I knew that even with as much
as I enjoy walking on all of our amazing trails here in Bellingham if the weather was too nasty I wouldn’t
get out and do it. I told many people about what I was doing and drew off of their encouragement. I posted
everyday on my Facebook page what day it was and what I did for that day for exercise. I wasn’t really
sure I could do it but I just did.
I feel great honestly I feel better than I ever have and this isn’t the end of my exercise challenge this is
only the very beginning.  So I guess what I am trying to say through this long drawn out email is Thank You So Much for changing my life and giving me a chance at a long, happy and healthy life.


I did it no matter what! I have had a year and 4 months of unbelievable family health
issues. I know other people have worse, but this past time has been something I never
imagined. Thank you for the 30 day exercise challenge idea…not only was it good for my
body…it was great for my mind.


I am a 65 year old Grandmere of 2 young children( aged 3 1/2 yrs and 20 months).
Two days before Christmas I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia- with extreme pain
in my knees and lower back after 3 years of all-over pain body pain due to an auto
accident. After much reflection and prayer I made the decision not to become
a “couch potato” and pop pain pills , but became determined to reclaim my body to
return to my favorite activities of traveling, dancing, hiking, and horseback riding.
My husband and I are retired and last year purchased a 24 ft. RV for Family visits
and Serendipity Adventures. It awaits us in the driveway.
My doctor suggested water aerobics, yoga, and lots of physical therapy. Your
30-Day fitness challenge gave me a reason to sign up for the local YMCA Silver
Sneakers Classes – Water Aerobics and Yoga. Off to the Lynden YMCA with my
new “water shoes” without fail and through the pain. (MWF- YMCA Classes and
T,TH,Fri, Sat, Sun-Stretching, dancing, and short walks). Yes, I did it and along the
journey formed a new daily habit- Fun and Fabulous Fitness!


I got this done and as a matter of fact this is the first challenge i have participated
in my entire life (that I remember anyway). It was hard on some days but come
week 3 it just got better and better and toward the end it was more a routine than a
challenge. Yahoo!!!


I made the 30 days because I have been blessed to be surrounded by friends and
family that reminded me that I signed up. It was this group that held me accountable
and even participated in my workouts so I would get them in!! Proof that I keep
good company!! Thank you for the incentive Fairhaven Runners!!
It helped that it was never an issue of how fast or how far – just that I did it. There
were several mornings where I just pretended I was in a race with myself… As long
as I got out there and gave it my best – I was guaranteed 1st place.