10 Great Tips from 10 Years of Coaching Inspiring Women

The Fit School Walking/Running program was a major focus of my life for 10 years. All of the women who came through the program brought so much to our community with their commitment to show up in any weather and push each other beyond what we each thought possible. As Fit School comes to a close and I reflect on this time, I realize that I have learned a lot from these inspiring women about running and living.

  1. You can do more than you think is possible. Watching a 62-year-young woman who had never run before, run her first mile and go on to run a half marathon is just amazing. What else are we holding ourselves back from? We can do more.
  2. Try something new. We tend to keep doing things the way that we have always done things. Most of the Fit School Women did not consider themselves runners when they decided to join the class. They made the choice to try something new.
  3. Get a little uncomfortable. The only way that we grow or get better at something is to push ourselves into a little discomfort, either mentally or physically. By expecting some discomfort when we extend ourselves, we can reach our goals.
  4. You can run in the rain, sleet, snow, wind, sun, and heat. With the right clothing, you can run in any weather. Good clothing and layers can help you get out the door.
  5. Relax your face. Sometimes when we are running (especially in the rain), we tend to squint and scrunch up our face. Try focusing on your face and relax the area right between your eyes. You will find that your shoulders drop, you feel more relaxed, and you can maintain your pace.
  6. Get outside every day for a walk or a run. Making time to get outside every day is good for your health and your soul.
  7. Running with friends is the best feeling in the world. There is something about running with a friend. Maybe it is because you are not looking directly at each other, or the fact that you are sweating, but something about running gives us freedom to bare our souls, laugh, cry, and just let it all out.
  8. Running alone is great too. Running alone is a wonderful way to clear your head, solve problems, and get a new perspective.
  9. When you are injured, self-care is the best and only option. Stop trying to push through and allow yourself to heal. No one gets a medal for running through an injury.
  10. Stop and enjoy. Remember to stop during your walk or run to pet cats (and dogs if it is safe to do so), gaze at the bay, or look in amazement at a rainbow. No workout is so important that you should miss the little joys in life.

Thank you Fairhaven Runners, our running community, and the Awesome Fit School Women for 10 years of inspiration, fun, and learning.

Fit School may be closed, but a new walking/running program run by Coach Mary Coulthurst Glaze will begin June 7th. If you are interested in learning more, visit https://conta.cc/2QTr48p and be the first to know about this new opportunity.

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