Canceled, But Still Running

The Chuckanut 50k is a race that I have cherished since moving here in 1998. After running it in 1999, I had the desire to run it every year, but only felt ready two other times afterward. Injury, illness, lack of training, etc. Excuses, excuses. Last fall, I thought, “Okay, no excuses. Train smart, eat right, sleep well, strength train, get body work and get to the start line finally”!
Two weeks out from race day and I was feeling fantastic, better than I have for several years in fact. I was ready!
As you know, the world had another plan, and my special race was canceled. My disappointment in missing a race evaporated with the reality of the challenge we all began to face, to put it mildly. Today, I am grateful for even being able to run, but the experience is quite different and comes with a host of new considerations and strategies.
The book on trail etiquette has a whole new chapter! I started wearing a buff, to pull over my face when approaching fellow travelers. I kindly announce myself from a generous distance to allow good space for all of us and to reduce anxieties. I even wait for others to pass on narrow sections. In addition to sticking to trails closer to home, I’ve created fun new neighborhood routes and value running solo to lessen my impact on other users.
Yes, much has changed for us all, but it feels good to know we are working together on solutions, caring for each other’s health and sharing hope for our world near and far.
Let’s keep running, let’s keep walking and…let’s be well!

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