Getting Out On Colder, Darker Days & Nights – Staff Tips

Layering during colder weather is a must, so I like to make it fun by dressing in colorful tights, socks, and shoes. It makes running on the darker days so much brighter!

Get out the door and walk to the end of the block to start the run. It is easier to convince yourself to walk when you don’t want to go outside, and it is easier to start the run if you are already out there.

I usually sleep with windows open so I get the shock of the cold over as soon as I get out of bed, then I have no excuse not to get outside.

I do some exercises with resistance bands before the run to make sure my legs are nice and warm before I go out into the cold. I use the Pro-Tec Resistance bands we sell in the store. (They come in a set of three – light, medium and heavy resistance.)

I like to plan my routes (especially around the holidays) through neighborhoods so I can check out the Halloween decorations and Christmas lights!

I enjoy running in the morning in the winters. I’ll choose a route that will allow me to watch the sunrise! Plus the knowledge that I get to come back to a warm breakfast and coffee helps, too!

Planning out your running route ahead of time is vital to a successful run during these darker evenings. Consider a route lined with street lamps and/or some amount of ambient lighting to ensure you can see AND you are seen!

Trying not to just hunker down & hibernate after dark, we go for a very bundled up stroll after dinner. (We’ll most likely do some kind of outdoor workout earlier in the day.) – Genevie & Steve

Embrace it!! That’s the beauty of weather and changing seasons. I remember going running in college with my teammates in -20 degrees. We all had to check ourselves for frostbite when we returned, but it was a fun memory and getting out in the harsh conditions can make for a good story!

When the days are colder, darker and wetter, I throw on a lot of layers of clothes and a headlamp and head out the door. I tell myself that I only need to go out for 10 minutes. What I find though, is that I usually go out for a much longer run and come back feeling rejuvenated and happy. The first step is the hardest.
-Coach Carol Frazey



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