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Keep Your Training Going this Fall and Winter

With the days getting shorter, the weather colder and wetter, and holidays heading our way, it may get harder mentally to get yourself out for a run or walk. Here are a few ways to add some fun to your training these upcoming months.
  • Commit to a late winter or early spring race or goal event to help you stay motivated and focused.
  • Make more “exercise dates” with friends, acquaintances or a group to combine social time with exercise time. The Fairhaven Runners 6pm Tuesday All-Paces Run is a good start.
  • Get inspired! Read a motivational book, check out some awe inspiring running videos on You Tube or following someone’s blog.


  • Give yourself a change of scenery. Each week, try running at least once or twice on a new trail or road route.


  • Plan a vacation that includes a race, walk, cycle or epic adventure portion so that you are motivated to get/stay in top shape.
Even though it may be more difficult mentally to push yourself out the door as the weather changes, take some time to splash in some puddles and get muddy.
Coach Carol Frazey

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