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Lookin’ Good! Improving Your Running Form

A great way to improve your running is by working on your running form. While we are all perfect, our bodies are not symmetrical. Knowing that, no one is going to run like anyone else, but each of us can improve and make our form more efficient.
One way to enhance your running form is by doing running drills at least two times per week. Drills are an exaggerated movement that uses your full range of motion. Consistently doing drills builds strength and quickness, which allows you to run while using less energy, thus faster times.
Here are some running drills to help you improve your running form:
High Skips
Butt Kicks
Also, Josh Vander Wiele is hosting a FREE Run Faster, Easier, More Injury Free Running Form and Efficiency Tips on Wednesday, May 15, 7:15-8:15pm at the store. Clinic is limited to 10 participants, so sign up early
Hope to see you and your efficient running form on the trail!

Coach Carol Frazey
Fit School, Inc.
Carol is a lifelong runner with a mission to educate and motivate individuals to make small changes each day to live healthier lives and to have fun while doing it. She is the coach and owner of The Fit School and leads the Fit School Running Clinics.

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Hi, I'm Coach Carol Frazey

My mission is to educate and motivate people to make small changes each day to live healthier lives…and to have fun while doing it! Using the knowledge I gained from my Master’s in Kinesiology and my 24 years of coaching experience, I would love the opportunity to help you improve your running through The Fit School for Women Walking/Running Program, In-person Individual Coaching , or Online Coaching.