Not Overreaching

Not Overreaching

Well, it’s been a year or so since I reported on my running, so here is an update. It’s going well! I’m feeling good, racing well and enjoying the fitness of a life well “run”. Some folks have asked me of late, “What is the difference from those years of many injuries and little good running?” You know, I’m not real certain. I’m doing my best to eat well and rest, get some massage now and then, take time off when I notice a pain, stretch regularly, dabble in core strength exercises, not being as stupid, stuff like that. All good things, but I think it, simply, comes down to trying not to do it all today. Not trying too hard or wanting too much. Running within myself and in the moment as well as I can.

Maybe a little more maturity has slowly dawned on this old guy, maybe not. I feel a little more accepting of what comes, day by day. Some days I feel sluggish, or there is soreness. I’m then more inclined to slow down, take it easy and appreciate where I’m at, without as much regard to where I want or expected to be. The result is I’ve been able to keep going, enjoying the path as it comes and finding some racing success along the way. So, fewer missteps come with better attention to the path and less focus on the big race or the better stopwatch time. Or maybe it’s just good ol’ luck of the Polish! Wishing you well on your path!

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