Take an Active Role in Your Recovery

Coach Christopher Fredlund –

“I’m not hurt, what am I recovering from?” “I sat on the couch and watched the Seahawks game,
that’s recovery right?” “Is protein all I need to eat in order to recover properly?”
These are all common questions, and valid questions at that. If there is one thing you should
take away from this message, it is to take an active role in your recovery. Below are some
simple ways to hold yourself accountable when it comes to best recovery practices at home.

Down Week:
Every 3-4 weeks it is common for runners to have an easier week in terms of intensity and/or
volume. Depending on your training style and programming, make sure you at least check in
with yourself and your training every few weeks. Take a step back and evaluate how your body
is feeling, if you are progressing towards your goals, and whether or not you’re enjoying your
training. It is vital to enjoy your training in order to make for a sustainable program. Have fun!

Foam Rolling:
The Pin & Stretch method is the best practice found in order to get the most out of your time
rolling. Instead of rolling around on a foam roller until you get bored, find a tender spot with the
foam roller and then flex/extend that limb, 4-5 pumps per tender spot. There is no reason to
roll more than 60-90 seconds per major muscle. This practice breaks up tender spots more
effectively, reduces your overall time spent rolling/stretching, and keeps your body moving in a
healthy way. Stay consistent with this by doing it within one hour of exercise.

When it comes to nutrition, the ideal intake of calories post exercise should include 15-25g of
protein accompanied with a carbohydrate like pasta, sweet potato, and other starchy
vegetables. A good rule of thumb, make sure to refuel as soon as possible post exercise (ideally
within one hour of exercise).

Rest, roll, and refuel within one hour of exercise for best results. If you want to stay healthy
long term, feel better with your day-to-day training, and stay consistent through your training
cycle, take an active role in your recovery.

A new addition to the Fairhaven Runners & Walkers team, Chris Fredlund is a local runner born and raised right here in Bellingham! Having run for and graduated from LMU in LA, Chris uses his D1 running experience and education degree to coach athletes with premier attention to detail under his company, Tempo Training: Endurance Coaching. Working with local high school programs and private adults alike, Chris is eager to work with anybody that finds they want some added direction and support in their athletic endeavors. Reach out with any questions at tempotrainingendurance@gmail.com.

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