Tips for Getting Out and Getting Going During These Colder, Darker Months

Who better to first ask for tips than our resident cold weather expert, staffer Kaleb, who grew up in Galena, a small town in the heart of Alaska and then went on to compete for University of Alaska Anchorage before transferring to WWU. 

Kaleb’s tips:

1. Sprinkle a little chili powder or cayenne pepper on the bottom of your feet before putting your socks on. 

2. Wear wind proof briefs or if you are in a pinch or can’t afford them, a few strips of duct tape can also do the trick.

3. Put your shoes on a boot dryer that has a heat option 30 minutes BEFORE the run. Even if your shoes aren’t wet, this will feel like putting on a hoodie that is fresh out of the dryer. 

4. Dress in layers and shed appropriately to avoid sweating too much, but keep layers with you. Don’t toss them aside as you might need to put some back on again.

And we’ve got some more great tips:

I set out my outfit and put my running shoes besides my bed so I’m dressed for my run as soon as I get out of bed. I walk around for a few minutes, and my feet are warmed up and I’m ready to run.
– Torie

Have a distance and route planned out ahead of time. I’m less likely to cut it short due to weather or the dark if I have a plan.
– Maria

Signing up for an upcoming race has helped push me out the door even on the coldest of days, knowing if I’m not training that my competition certainly will be!”
– Brian

Trying not to just hunker down & hibernate after dark, I go for a very bundled up after dinner stroll. My personal record is four layers so I resemble the Michelin Man, but under all those layers, it feels like room temperature! 🙂
– Genevie

Layering during colder weather is a must, so I like to make it fun by dressing in colorful tights, socks, and shoes. It makes running on the darker days so much brighter!

I enjoy running in the morning in the winters. I’ll choose a route that will allow me to watch the sunrise! Plus the knowledge that I get to come back to a warm breakfast and coffee helps, too!

Get out the door and walk to the end of the block to start the run. It is easier to convince yourself to walk when you don’t want to go outside, and it is easier to start the run if you are already out there.

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