We are Celebrating our 25th Anniversary at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers!


We are celebrating our 25th anniversary at Fairhaven Runners! It’s kind of a long time that went by pretty fast. Children then are now adults with their own children! And many a long term relationship began through events at the store. What was built to be a community store connected people well enough to also become a generational store and have the stories to go with it.

We love what it’s become, and we are so glad that you continue to enjoy what we have to offer over all these years. Our keys to thriving over time? Have good stuff. Treat every visitor like a good friend. Hire and care for folks who treat people right and know the right things. Be reliable. And contribute to this beautiful, active community, that thereby, values this kind of business.

We are super grateful to have this opportunity to employ wonderful people, serve our amazing community, promote health and share the wonders of Bellingham and Fairhaven with all who visit! Thank you for your support.

Happy Trails! – Steve

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Hi, I'm Coach Steve Roguski

Owner of the store with my wife, Genevie. I have enjoyed many years of running, racing, race directing, running club volunteering, reading about running and leading runs and clinics through the store. Happy trails!