Our COVID-19 Response

We miss getting to see you in person, but for the time being we are heartened to know that at least we can offer pre-paid curbside pick up, mail products and do online shipments. We are trying our very best to comply with Washington State Safe Start guidelines for a phased reopening of non-essential retail businesses.

At this time we can not open the store to customers.

We CAN help you by PHONE (360) 676-4955 from 10am – 6pm each day. You can also email us. If you contact after 6pm we will get back to you by the next day.

We CAN do pre-paid curbside pickup.Please be sure to call first.

We DO offer ONLINE sales.

We will absolutely do returns and exchanges once the store is open again, but can’t have customers bring shoes or other purchases back to the physical store at this time.

See below for all the details on how we can help you by phone, online and with gift cards.

Buying by Phone for Curbside Pickup or Mailing:

Shopping by phone is available each day between 10am-6pm. Give us a call at 360-676-4955.

You can view a good selection of our inventory before you call in, but also know we have more shoes available that you can’t see online along with sport nutrition, massage tools, and other accessories that can all be mailed out.

If you are a past customer, we will know exactly what has worked for you in the past regarding shoe and product preferences and sizes.

We will offer free shipping with phone order for orders in Washington State.

Buying online:

Check out our exciting new shoe shopping addition to our website.

We just added the capability to show every shoe in the store…and then some!

See every brand, color and model. We have a LOT. Caution- You may be amazed. Shop direct from our site or call in knowing your preferences and get our informed advice to finalize a successful purchase.

Shop Online Now

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