Tips for Getting Out On Colder, Darker Days & Nights

First thing in the morning, I check the hour-to-hour forecast and look for the best weather windows that day, then try to arrange my schedule to get outside for a run or walk when conditions should be best. -Genevie 

Have an accountability buddy. If my friend is waiting for me on the corner, I’m not going to bail on her! -Maria (Let Maria be your accountability buddy by joining her and staffer Andy on our weekly All Paces Run, every Tuesday night at 6pm!) 

When the days are colder, darker and wetter, I throw on a lot of layers of clothes and a headlamp and head out the door. I tell myself that I only need to go out for 10 minutes. What I find though, is that I usually go out for a much longer run and come back feeling rejuvenated and happy. The first step is the hardest. -Coach Carol Frazey 

Have the right gear. If you have the right mix of layers and a nice headlamp, there isn’t any reason your cold or rainy run can’t be comfortable…or even enjoyable! A lot of us at the store are serial jacket collectors, and no doubt we can think of the perfect condition for each of them. The Patagonia Houdini jacket is one of my all time favorites. -Polly 

I try to reflect on the gift of being able to run at all. Or, how fortunate I am to return home to warmth and shelter with the bright and glowing invigoration of this last run. -Steve 

I absolutely love the contrast between a miserable, cold, windy, and rainy run followed up with a hot shower and drink. It makes it all the better being miserable first! -Nickademus 

Have plenty of warm, cozy clothes and a hot drink paired with a tasty snack waiting for you in the car when finish your run! -Dillon 

Sign up for an event that challenges you enough that you have to train for it. I am going to try for a half marathon PR in January, so I can’t have any excuses this winter! -Sierra 

Embrace it!! That’s the beauty of weather and changing seasons. I remember going running in college with my teammates in -20 degrees. We all had to check ourselves for frostbite when we returned, but it was a fun memory and getting out in the harsh conditions can make for a good story! -Conner 

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