Fairhaven Runners & Walkers Run & Race Shirt Program

Wear a super nice Run & Race shirt (or use the Run & Race shirt/singlet that you were already issued) and represent our store and the great sport of running in local races!

Fairhaven Runners & Walkers and Brooks bring you the Run & Race Program–Race and earn store credit.

Our goal is to help support and motivate you in your running and to keep our store top o’ mind when folks need good gear or advice related to this awesome sport. Your positive presence while wearing this garment inspires others to run, race and enjoy the great fitness lifestyle we know and love.

  • How? Just stop by the store and ask! (Currently, sizes are limited. Please call the store to check.)
  • This singlet/shirt is yours to keep, for free.
  • Please train and race in this piece as often as you can. Must be your top layer.
  • After every 3 local or semi-local races (50 mile radius from store), email us (runners@fairhavenrunners.com) with the races you ran and a quick comment for each (new p.r., first ever half marathon, results, etc.).
  • We will reply with an email that awards you a $15 credit to the store, for anything you wish.
  • Keep racing! You may save these credits to add to a larger purchase.
  • Thanks and see you at the races!
  • See photos of some of our racers here–Photos

Please call us (676-4955) to see if we currently have your size before heading to the store.


Send us your info and get started!

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Now that you've got your shirt, its time to get racing!

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