Accessories at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers

Whether you are looking to recover or prevent an injury, stay motivated, maintain hydration and “fueling” or properly care for your shoes and apparel, our extensive selection of accessories will help you succeed no matter what type of exercise program you engage in.

Accessory Brands By Category


Body Glide, 2nd Skin, Blue Steel, Nip Guards


OS1st, Zensah, 2XU


Garmin, Timex, Yurbuds, Aftershokz, Black Diamond and Petzl headlamps, Nathan lights, Nebo

Eye Wear:

Goodr, Tifosi


Superfeet FitStation ME3D custom insoles, Superfeet, Currex, Spenco, BioSoft, IceBug, Sorbothane, Kneed, Tuli’s, Heel That Pain, Heel Lifts (3 levels)

Fuel & Hydration:

Clif, GU, Hammer, Huma, Honey Stinger, Picky Bars, Nuun, Muir Energy, RBar, Sport Beans

Hydration Bags, Packs and Bottles:

Nathan, SpiBelt, Ultimate Direction, Salomon, Hydrapak, Katadyn

Injury Help:

Pro-Tec, Cryo Cups, Endura Tape, Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape (KT Tape), Strassburg Sock, Anti-Flamme, and Thera-Bands, RockTape, OS1st, Correct Toes, Silipos (Toe Spacer), Foot Rubz Ball

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Planning on joining in on the fun of an all-night run?

We have some important tips to make sure you maximize your fun and a list of essentials you’ll want with you for your adventure.

Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention and Treatment


Ankle Wrap (light support), Ankle Compression Sleeve, KT Tape, Rock Tape


Achilles Tendon Strap, Shin Splint Wraps, Compression Socks/Sleeves, Half Round Calf Stretcher, KT Tape, Rock Tape


IT Band Strap, Patellar Tendon Strap, Quad Sleeve, Knee Compression Sleeves, KT Tape, Rock Tape

Foot and Arch Pain:

Metatarsal Lifts (forefoot), Arch Wrap, Soft Splint; Night Splint, Foot Rubz Massage Ball, Footlog, Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve, Plantar Fasciitis Sock, Pain Relief Insole, R3 foot massager, Heel Cushions, Heel Lifts


Trigger Point – The Grid Foam Roller, Grid Contour, Massage Ball, Grid Vibe, T-Roller, The Stick, Foot Rubz Massage Ball, Footlog roller, Roll Recovery R8 and R3 Deep Tissue Massage Rollers, Moji massage devices, ProTec Orb


Resistance Bands, Half Round Calf Stretcher, Trigger Point – The Grid Foam Roller, The Stick

Injury Prevention Accessories at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers

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