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Here’s a snapshot of the FR&W team, how we work together and why we love what we do.

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Steve Roguski

Store Owner

Favorite places to run:
Cascades and Chuckanuts for sure, but also running to explore a new place, big view or special wildness.

Favorite workout:
Getting a run in without injuring myself, again!

Favorite shoe and sock?
Nike Wildhorse and Feetures Elite socks

Typical run distance:
4-6 miles

Great running memory:
Chain Lakes Trail near Mt. Baker with Genevie and her dad, Gale

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Genevie Roguski

Store Owner

Favorite shoe and socks:
I’m lovin’ the Asics Cumulus. My Feetures and Stance socks are always first out of the drawer.

Favorite sport drink or fuel:
New Toasted Marshmallow Gu right before a late afternoon run.

Typical run distance:
3-4 miles.

Favorite person (s) to run with:
Steve or my dad.

Favorite place to run:
Southside trails and paths – along Boulevard Park, Taylor Street Dock, around the Alaska Ferry Terminal to Marine Park, Fairhaven Park and back – always feels kind of like I’m on vacation. Can’t forget Lake Padden, too.

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Craig Bartlett

Store Manager

What I care about most when I go for a run:
The “energy” of the run. To me a run usually produces exhilaration in some way. Maybe it’s the endorphins… but running has always been a fun, inspiring and invigorating experience for me.

Favorite Workout:
10 x 400 on the track

If I could only do only one run each month, it would be:
Galbraith Mtn. loop w/ Rock n Roll trail

Typical run distance:
5 miles

What makes a run great:
A nice easy pace to warm-up, then pushing the hills in the middle, and getting to a great view; finishing feeling elated and hungry and more energized than at the start of the run!

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Chris Lantz

Favorite Trail:
I still really love the Chuckanut Ridge trail, it is so much fun running the dips and switchbacks, not to mention the viewpoint is the best spot to eat a PB&J in Bellingham!

Favorite shoe and socks:
The Pegasus, it’s a high-mileage, lightweight, cushioned trainer. I love the fit in the mid foot and the 2mm lower heel-toe drop makes for a very natural ride. My Favorite socks are the SwiftWick Aspire Zeros, they disappear on the foot with their lightweight and breathable construction keep my feet fresh and cool!

Favorite race fuel:
Honey Stinger, they taste great and they use honey for sweetener so its a great long-lasting, organic, and stomach-friendly fuel.

Favorite race event:
Still has to be the Chuckanut 50k, it was a great sample of the trails in Bellingham and was just plain fun!

Running Partner:
Navi, is still my favorite running partner. He constantly pushes (pulls, actually) to be a faster, stronger, and more stable runner.

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Cody Brocato

What I care about MOST when I go for a run:
Clarity of mind. I truly feel connected with everything around me after a long run in the trails.

Favorite place to run:
Orcas Island has nothing but fun and beautiful trails with scenic views, but I sure do love when the Chuckanut and Galbraith trails get extra muddy.

Favorite shoe or socks:
Nike Wildhorse version 3 with Stance Socks!

Typical run distance:
5-10 miles

Favorite person(s) to run with:
I have been leading the weekly Tuesday night All-Paces Run (6 pm!) since April of ’14 with fellow store staffer Anna. I enjoy running with many of the people I’ve met through leading the group run (Andy, Russell, Joey, …)!

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Sierra Brisky

Favorite sock:
I don’t have a favorite sock, but I really love touching the Feetures Merino Wool socks, and I wish I could have a blanket made of them.

Favorite sport drink or fuel:
I’m kind of like a camel, so I don’t need that very often. I love sweets, so cupcakes.
Did you know camels can run fast? I looked it up.

Favorite running events:
I won’t do it until April, but I think the Boston Marathon will be my favorite!
Marathons, Half-Marathons, 10ks, the longer the better.

Favorite person(s) to run with:

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Polly Favinger

Why I run:
Running “loosens” my mind. It is where I find peace and calm and often a solution to something I have been trying to figure out.  It brings me great joy.

Favorite place to run:
My favorite place to run is in the woods and on the trails. Most days I run on Galbraith or in the Chuckanuts. Both are simply amazing and make each run feel like an adventure! I usually run in the mornings and feel the benefit all day!

Favorite shoe:
The Hoka!  I run in the Hoka Stinson for the trails and the Hoka Clifton for the roads.

Races I love:
The Greater Bellingham Running Club (GBRC) offers great races almost every month of the year from the 5K to half marathon distance and I love running those races!  The community of runners at the races and the camaraderie are amazing.  It is a hidden gem of a running club!

What I like to eat on my long run:
Real food!  Bananas, peanut butter

What I like to eat when I race:
GU, Shot Blocks

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Nickademus De La Rosa

About Me:

Traded the over-crowded sunny 70 degree days of San Diego, CA for the city of subdued excitement, and loving it so far! I’ve been running ultramarathons for the past ten years, everything from Badwater to Barkley and many events overseas. I love 100+ mile running events. I am excited to call Bellingham home and even more excited to be a part of the wonderful community here at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers. Sí hablo español e italiano 😉

Favorite trail: I’ve heard good things of Raptor Ridge, but because it’s everyone else’s favorite, I’m going to have to say the Upper Ridge Trail, because I’m hipster like that.

Favorite Road Shoe:  Saucony Ride 10 provides a nice smooth ride!

Favorite Trail Shoe:  Brooks Cascadia 12 for very long runs and New Balance Minimus when I’m feeling quick and frisky.

Favorite Running Workout:  300M CUT DOWNS! 1 mile easy warm up// Find a local track// 100m @ quick pace, 100m faster, 100m all out sprint, 100m recovery// repeat that pattern for 8-12x depending on ability level. This workout is GREAT for anyone like myself, who starts out races too fast!

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Anna Gitter

About me:
Well, I’m a Texas transplant now living Bellingham and love it! I started running for fun in college and then continued to do so to stay sane. I later discovered ultra running and have been hooked since.

Favorite Shoe:
I love the Pearl Izumi N3, but I need to find a new shoe since they are being discontinued. I really like the New Balance 1080 and the Zante for shorter runs.

Favorite race fuel:
Huma Chia Gels are the bomb! I especially like the lemonade flavor.

Favorite race event:
The longer the race the better. I hope to do a few more 50 milers and then start training for a 100-miler.

Why I run:
I strongly believe I survived graduate school because of running. Whenever I felt stressed, I would just put on my running shoes and run a couple of miles. Now, I run to keep up with all the beer and cookies that I eat.

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Haida Ikeda

About me:
I grew up in Issaquah, Washington and originally started running to stay in shape for soccer, but now its one of the only things that keeps me sane! If I’m not running, you can find me backpacking or hiking or skiing, cooking or reading. I also attempt to knit and do crosswords.

Favorite Places to Run:
Any rolling, flowy single track trail, like Galbraith or Cougar Mt trails in Issaquah. I also love a big run, somewhere with a view/destination, like Cutthroat Pass in the North Cascades.

Fueled by:
Coffee, fried eggs and a dog obsession.

Favorite Pre-run jams:

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Baltina Valente

Favorite trail run:
Lost Lake Loop that includes bombing down Salal.

Favorite shoe & socks:
Altra Superior with Darn Tough light cushion socks

Typical run distance:
10-14 miles

Favorite Nutrition:
Strawberry Clif Blocks & Mountaineer Maple Trail Butter

Dream Race:
Mountain Lakes 100

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Kevin Bailey

About me:
I moved to Bellingham in 2013 and I have spent my time here exploring every inch of the area. I am a morning runner and if I have free time in the evenings I spend that time hiking, mountain biking, bouldering, playing guitar or playing board games.

Favorite Place to Run:
Stimpson Family Nature Reserve. I love to run this trail for the varied terrain, and short hill climbs that keep me pushing. The length of the loop is short enough to be a quick run and is easily doubled up if I want more.

Favorite distance to run:
5k race
5-8 mile workouts

Fueled by:
Every fruit, nut and vegetable you can think of.

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Josh Vander Wiele

About Me:
Originally from New Jersey I have come to realize that the Pacific northwest fits me best, and I have traded the pavement for the trails as my surface of choice. I’ve had a pretty extensive running history starting from when I was an 8th grader and I’ve been running ever since. I’ve completed 10 road marathons, including the Bellingham Bay, Chicago, and Boston, but what has become my favorite race is the Chuckanut 50k.

Favorite Shoe:
I’ve had to many to pick just one! But the standouts would be the Nike Pegasus, Salomon Sense Pro, and Hoka Speed Instinct.

Why I Run:
I find that it is while I’m running that I am the most creative and clear in thought. Running has been a great escape for me during some of my most stressful times. There’s nothing that can beat a couple hours in the trails to decompress and clear my mind!

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Sean Locke

About Me:
Born and raised in Whatcom County in the small town of Custer. I have played tons sports throughout my career including baseball for Skagit Valley College, Western Washington and the Bellingham Bells. However my passions today include trail running, biking, lifting, paddle boarding, hiking and any/every outside activity there is.

Favorite Local Trail:
Such a tough choice but running Stewart mountain or throughout Galbraith you can’t go wrong!

Favorite Run Destination:
Scotland. Running Arthur’s Seat above the city of Edinburgh, Inverness and the Isle of Skye were a highlight of my life and such a great experience!

Favorite Trail Shoe/Sock: Nike Wildhorse has been a great all around running and hiking shoe, and when paired with a injinji’s or swiftwicks it’s even better!

Word Has It, We’re Pretty Great!

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