Welcome to Fairhaven.

A popular destination in Bellingham rich in history and abundant in great running & walking opportunities.

Fairhaven is a pretty cool spot for runners, walkers, and even explorers.

Some of us have actually moved across the country to live precisely here—among the big trees, mountains, islands, trails and history that the area showcases so well!

A great first stop for most anyone, is here, at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers. We love to orient folks to the trails and the local area. We even have our own colorful, helpful map of 49 nearby trails to go explore. Mention this post and we will make it a gift for you!

Our store is on the ground floor of the 1890 Monahan building. The building has quite an interesting and colorful history. It has housed a saloon, pharmacy, movie theater and running store, among other uses.

Fairhaven is home to an Alaska Ferry terminal, a bus terminal and even an Amtrak train station. Charter boats head off to Victoria and the San Juan Islands. Sailboats and kayaks can be rented easily for a fun time on the bay from our Community Boating Center.

Walk around the block to Village Green, home of unique local events, movie nights, farmer’s markets, pondering benches and/or general giddiness. Walk a just few minutes more to find Marine Park or the Taylor St. Boardwalk (amazing) to Boulevard Park.

It’s true that there is no other place like Fairhaven. Businesses here are unique, authentic and locally owned. Visiting Fairhaven is an exploration of the unexpected, of the beautiful and homegrown, and of local history. The common refrain is how “everyone is so friendly”! I guess we are just happy to live here and to share this wonderful scene with our friends and visitors.

We invite you to make some time for visiting our store and friendly, historic, beautiful Fairhaven on Bellingham Bay.

This area is loaded with great running trails. Let us show you some of our favorites.

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