Fresh Air at Fairhaven Runners

In a concerted and sincere effort to look after the health and safety of our staff and store visitors we have installed a proactive air and surface purification system. Healthy air quality is an important concern at any time but even more so during this pandemic, and given recurring flu/cold seasons and hazardous smoke conditions.

During warm weather, we have done our best to run the fans and keep doors open. Ventilation of spaces with good fresh air is a proven positive strategy. As the weather changes, we are confronted with the challenge of providing healthy air with the doors closed again for many months.

Our best answer is our installation of a REME Halo air scrubber that employs UV light, ionization and hydro-peroxide to kill up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and mold. This whole store system produces no harmful ozone. As an active versus passive viral pathogen suppressor, the treated air goes to where the contaminants exist in the air, or on surfaces, and eradicates them. Sneeze germs are killed within 3 feet of the source.

The same system is used by hospitals, the military, cruise ships, restaurants, retail and anywhere that air quality and health is highly valued.

Since the health and wellness of our employees and customers is a priority for us, we are very happy to announce this new enhancement toward the health, safety and confidence of all visitors to our store. As we’ve learned lately, more than ever, good clean air is becoming a luxury. In addition to our other virus related protocols, we want you to know you can breathe purified air and a sigh of relief at Fairhaven Runners.

More detailed information and system test results are available. Just inquire with our staff.




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