Qua-RUN-tine Support Box

Fairhaven Runners & Walkers, Qua-RUN-tine Box

Missing your BFF (Best Fitness Friend) during the quarantine? Send them some love and encouragement with our Qua-RUN-tine Support Box!

Each box includes a pair of GOODR sunglasses, a FootRubz massage ball, energy chews, a pair of running socks, a laundry detergent sample, and a card (with a personalized message from you) all in a Brooks shoe bag for traveling with dirty running/walking shoes.

For $35 you get over $45 in value. You tell us how to contact your friend (by phone, email) to let them know they have a support box waiting for them at the store for curbside pick-up.

For $45 we will ship to your BFF.

How do I give a Qua-RUN-tine Support Box?

1) Call the store at 360-676-4955 any day from 10-6pm.

2) Let us know who you want to give a support box to and how you want us to contact them to let them know they have a support box waiting for curbside pick-up. Pay over the phone $35 plus tax.

We will ship your Qua-RUN-tine Support Box to your friend for an extra $10.

3) Read us over the phone (or email runners@fairhavenrustg.wpengine.com) a personalized message for us to write on the card.

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