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Stimpson Trail

Medium 4+ miles

An amazing gift to the community, the Stimpson Family Nature Reserve should be experienced at least once a season. Whether providing a cool reprieve on a hot, summer afternoon, shelter for a rainy, autumn outing or acting as a magical, winter wonderland in the snow, it’s definitely worth the drive. The park can be explored from over four miles of soft, nicely graded forest paths. Keep your pets safe at home as they’re not allowed here.

Using the trailhead off Lake Louise Road you are quickly immersed in lush greens of every hue in these shaded woods. Quickly, the Beaver Pond emerges on the right and shortly thereafter a sign marks the beginning of the main loop trail. By heading counterclockwise, you can mimic an amusement park rollercoaster ride, first tackling the route’s longest, steepest climb of approximately 300 feet before enjoying shorter rises and dips to the trail for the rest of the loop. Moss covered trees, some hundreds of years old, rise high above and there are multiple creek and wetland crossings over small wooden bridges. After traveling a couple miles a sign directs you to a one mile side trail which circles around Geneva Pond. This section is, seemingly, the quietest, most secluded part of an already incredibly peaceful route.

If you ever find yourself a bit disoriented, following any sign marked “Trailhead” will easily lead you back to the parking lot.