10 Cold Weather Running Tips

1. During my time training on the Palouse, temps could dip into single digits with wind chill! My teammates and I would put a thin layer of Vaseline on our cheeks, forehead and nose to help act as a barrier between our skin and the frigid cold! I (thankfully) never experienced any sort of wind burn with this method!

That said, our hair would freeze every so often on an exceptionally foggy, chilly day. Which always sparked the debate of who looked the most like Jack Frost!

2. Run within yourself! Slightly shorter strides, landing underneath your body will increase your stability in wet/slick conditions. – Chris

3. Layers are key! The more layers you wear, the easier it is to manage your body temperature as you warm up because you can shed layers as you go. Pro tip- avoid cotton as much as you can because cotton does not manage moisture as well as synthetic or wool blend products (hello, Smartwool!).

4. Don’t resist. When heading out the door in the cold, wind, or rain, we tend to scrunch up our face. Before heading out the door in inclement weather, try relaxing right between your eyes. Keep reminding yourself throughout the run, and notice how you feel after.
– Coach Carol Frazey

5. I use the Three Layer Technique. A base layer for removing moisture, a mid-layer to keep you warm, and an outer layer to protect you from the elements.

6. Motivation would be blasting “I Won’t Back Down” By Tom Petty on my Shokz Headphones.

7. My favorite time to go for a walk or run in the winter is later in the afternoon. I feel so thankful to be catching those last rays of light and get the opportunity to recharge and re-energize. There are still plenty of hours left in the day before bedtime and this gets me more motivated to not just hunker down for the rest of the day (because I do love to hunker 🙂 ) .
– Genevie

8. Smart clothing is a start, but most importantly, it’s mindset and identity that will get you out the door. Are you a runner? Then don’t debate about whether you will run or not – just run. It’s the daily internal negotiation and deliberation about whether the weather is just right, that can make it tough to be a runner. In addition, most of us live relatively comfortable lives. Getting cold or wet while playing outside is a gift that makes feeling healthy, warm and well-fed even more satisfying and gratifying. 

Best tip, in summary – Don’t think about it so much. Get some weather appropriate clothes on and go run!

9. After reffing soccer games on cold days, I always have a puffy jacket, warm sweats and fresh socks waiting in my car. I strip down then bundle up before getting in the car. (And while reffing games, hand warmers nestled in gloves is a welcome luxury.)

10. I set out my outfit and put my running shoes besides my bed so I’m dressed for my run as soon as I get out of bed. I walk around for a few minutes, and my feet are warmed up and I’m ready to run.
– Torie

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