Coach Conner’s Take on this High School Cross Country Season – Finally Here and Finally in the Fall!

Cross Country is back! I have been lucky enough to get to coach at Sehome High for the past 3 years, and as we head back into a regular, full length cross country season it is so strange to look back at all that has changed over the past year and a half! 

We have had two new classes come in to the high schools who have no experience at the high school level and not much at the middle school level either given the situation involved with the COVID-19 pandemic. This influx of youth has put a large change into the culture of the team, pumping excitement and a desire to improve that is super refreshing! 

The student athletes who are returning to high school competition are looking to make massive improvements from where they were in the Fall of 2019. The once underclassmen are now our team leaders and have taken to the mantle by stepping up and putting in lots of time training to improve, even during the months of uncertainty over whether we would have a real season. Their leadership and devotion to their sport and programs will be on display now as we bring everyone back together to toe starting lines!

With a team of fresh faces and returners who are hungry to get back to real competition, I am super excited to see what the local schools can do once races get going! They have trained and prepared and are chomping at the bit to get to show off their fitness! 

This season will kick off on September 11th, with the Northwest Preview hosted at Civic Stadium! This is the biggest athletic event in the county all year, with 33 schools from throughout the Pacific Northwest currently signed up to participate! More info. on this meet here – (

– Conner is the floor manager at Fairhaven Runners & Walkers and coaches high school track and cross country at Sehome High School. 


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