Hot Tips for Hot Weather

by store staff

Temps are heating up! Here are some tips from staff about running in warmer weather.

Wear loose fitting technical materials, like polyester, for moisture wicking and to allow air currents underneath the clothing. This supports cooling through both evaporation and convection! -Maxx

I’m really into short and sweet 20 minute runs these days and don’t feel like I have to avoid hotter times of the day when doing them. And bonus, I am warmed up pretty darn quickly as I am trying to make these runs relatively speedy. -Genevie

Run early in the morning before the mosquitoes are out or later at night when it has cooled off. -Lydia

I like to run with my dog, Navi. On hot days we go by lakes, so he can jump in and cool off mid run (This works for humans too!) -Chris

Wear a hat! Soak it in cool water on really hot days. Also, a thin technical sock like the Balega Ultralights or Swiftwicks are perfect for the heat. -Conner

Invest in a handheld water bottle or running vest. I fill mine with sports drinks like Tailwind or Hammer Heed, so each cool sip is a sweet burst of energy when I feel like the sun is draining me, and I’m not only replacing water, but electrolytes lost in sweat. -Sierra

I’ve been doing short runs at Lake Padden in the shaded areas and going for a swim afterwards to cool off! -Dillon

Before a race, you can wear a towel or buff soaked in cold water around your neck during your warm up. This keeps your body temperature down as much as possible before a hard effort. -Kaleb



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