Hot Tips for Warm Weather Workouts

Temperatures are heating up! Here are some of our favorite tips for warm weather training:

Hydrating well going into the run, taking my shirt off and wearing my favorite brightly colored short shorts! – Conner

Before a race, you can wear a towel or buff soaked in cold water around your neck during your warm up. This keeps your body temperature down as much as possible before a hard effort. -Kaleb

Wear light-weight socks on hot days! My favorites are the Balega Ultralights and Stance socks! – Lydia

This will sound redundant, but making sure to drink enough water. Headaches and/or a dry mouth are a few good indicators that you’re dehydrated. It’s so obvious that we sometimes forget! -Drew

Go jump in a lake! Plan your run to end near the bay or a lake, and treat yourself to a cool dip and fun! – Coach Carol Frazey 

I’m really into short and sweet 20 minute runs these days and don’t feel like I have to avoid hotter times of the day when doing them. And as a bonus, I am warmed up pretty darn quickly as I am trying to make these runs relatively speedy. -Genevie

Sometimes I will go early in the morning when it’s cooler, plus it’s a good way to wake you up and make your day feel more productive. – Haley

Wear loose fitting technical materials, like polyester, for moisture wicking and to allow air currents underneath the clothing. This supports cooling through both evaporation and convection! -Maxx

Invest in a handheld water bottle or running vest. I fill mine with sports drinks (we carry lots of great choices at the store), so each cool sip is a sweet burst of energy when I feel like the sun is draining me, and I’m not only replacing water, but electrolytes lost in sweat. – Sierra 

If it’s hot (over 65 deg.!) and sunny, the first thing is heading for shady forested trails. And unless it’s a good long run, I don’t usually bring water, so I’ll be visualizing how that nice cold glass, or glasses, of ice water is going to taste back home! – Steve

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