How to Get Moving and Grooving in the New Year

Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated with your exercise program during the winter months. To help you stay enthusiastic about your training, here are some ideas to help keep that spark even when the sunlight starts to fade and the dark clouds move in.

  1. Before heading out the door, put on your favorite song and dance. Your muscles will be warmed up and your mind will have a positive outlook. Some jumping jacks or jump roping can work, too. 😉
  2. Prepare the day before. Set out or pack a bag with your workout clothes the night before. The less you have to think about heading out into the “less than perfect” weather, the more likely you’ll get out there.
  3. Don’t resist. When heading out the door in the cold, wind, or rain, we tend to scrunch up our face. Before heading out the door in inclement weather, try relaxing right between your eyes. Keep reminding yourself throughout the run and notice how you feel after.
  4. Got a meeting? Try to make it a meeting on the run or walk. The fresh air and change of scenery will help spur ideas and spark more fun.
  5. Adopt a dog. You will need to take your new family member for a walk or run every day in every kind of weather. Plus, adopting a dog into your life has many positive benefits for both of you. Or volunteer to take a neighbor or friend’s pooch out and about.
  6. If your goal is to run right when you get home from work, change into your running clothes before you leave the office.
  7. Make your walks and runs an adventure by exploring new trails, parks, and streets. Store owner, Genevie, and her dad, Gale, had a long standing tradition of running a new route at least once a week even though they have lived in the area for many years. Trail maps can be found at
  8. Find a walking or running buddy or group. This is a great way to combine your social/exercise/therapy time into one session. Also, as the days get shorter, there is safety in running with others. The Tuesday All-Paces Run/Walks at Fairhaven Runners are a great way to find people who move at your pace Greater Bellingham Running Club (GBRC) also provides great options.
  9. Plan a late winter or early spring race, and make it a goal to stick to a training plan. Training plans can be found at and upcoming races at
  10. Invest in a waterproof/water resistant jacket, headlamp, reflective vest, and wicking shirts/tights. A few basics will make running in any weather enjoyable, safe, and comfortable. The store has everything you need to get started
  11. Take a class or get an assessment. You can always learn something and have accountability for showing up.
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  12. Plan an adventure run in a different part of town, the county, the state, or the world. This will help you train throughout the winter and give you something exciting to look forward to.
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