Indoor Winter Workout Ideas

We’re all for year-round outdoor activity, but we also know that, on occasion, you just might not feel like heading out the door if it’s too wet or windy, icy or cold.
Here are some staff suggestions for indoor workouts to keep your momentum going.

When it’s cold and nasty outside, I like to go to the open swim at Arne Hanna Aquatic Center. It’s only six dollars and I can swim laps, plus I get to warm up going down the water slide a fews times and go in the hot tub right after to relax!

When it’s particularly yucky outside, I get on the treadmill. But instead of doing just a standard easy run, I vary the elevation and speed so that I am often power hiking on the treadmill. It’s a great way to get a good sweat on, build some strength, and keep myself sane while I’m daydreaming of those summer alpine dayz.

When it’s a day where I’m not feeling like going out and running, I like to get some interval work done on an stationary bike. 15-20 minute warmup followed by 30-45 minutes of intervals of 1-5 minutes on with 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, 30 seconds of rest. After the intervals are over I cooldown for 15-20 minutes.

When I am feeling restless and housebound on a nasty-weather winter evening, on occasion, I head to 70 degrees and sunny (albeit artificially lit) i.e. the mall, for some mall walking. While I am a little too bashful to full-on swing my arms, I do maintain a swift saunter in the halls while slowing to a stroll in the anchor department stores. Fun fact – if you walk up and down each concourse and circle around the outer walkways of the department stores and food court you’ll walk 3,684 steps or almost two miles! Trying to be polite, I don’t charge through the stores, but instead do a little lingering while playing the “I never knew there was such a thing!” game while checking things out. (My most recent “I didn’t know you needed such a thing!” sightings included a self-stirring mug, a “Play a jingle while you tinkle” potty piano, and a handheld snowball launcher.)

On a rainy day I enjoy watching an episode of my favorite TV show and walking on an inclined treadmill. If I’m feeling like getting some extra intensity in, I’ll head on over to a rowing machine for a nice mid-winter workout.

This quick workout could be used on icky winter days when you want to stay inside or even when traveling and on a tight schedule:
10min Tabata Workout: Pick your favorite body weight exercises and go for it! Try 20 seconds of high intensity with a 10 sec. rest. Just keep it going until you have completed your desired workout duration. This is a great way to maximize your time and space while getting a high quality workout!

On a nasty weather day, I like to keep moving by getting on my indoor bike trainer to do some zone 2 cardio along with a few intervals to keep me engaged.

For a workout that requires no equipment and no driving to get there, sometimes I go to YouTube and search “no equipment core workout” and just play random free workouts. I can’t seem to bring myself to create and do my own core routine, but if I have someone (even virtually) guiding me through a workout it can be a lot of fun! Sometimes I let it keep rolling with the YouTube suggestions and see how many workouts I can do before getting completely exhausted.

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