Training in the Heat – Best Tips

From Coach Maxx Antush-

  • Embrace a positive attitude about the heat
    • Everyone’s performance is affected by the heat
    • Your body will make long term adaptations over time to improve your ability to perform in the heat
    • Psychology is a big part of performance
  • Perform your easy runs in the heat and more important workouts in cooler conditions
    • Embrace going slow and basing your intensity on an RPE scale rather than pace during easy runs in the sun
    • Speed is often important for particular workouts, so every effort should be made to optimize those key workouts
  • Think about the clothes you are wearing
    • Loose fitting technical materials are great for allowing air currents under the clothing and wicking moisture
    • Cotton holds moisture, which may be beneficial if you want to keep cool by staying wet
      • Don’t do this in humidity, but it works well in dry, desert-type heat
    • Lighter colors reflect the sun, darker colors absorb it
    • Visors shade your face while leaving your head open to dissipate heat
    • Hats trap in the heat
      • Using a wet hat in dry heat (not humidity) can be beneficial for keeping cool since water has a high capacity for taking on heat
  • Lower your core temperature with ice
    • Stuff it everywhere
      • Buffs, hats, arm sleeves, and sports bras are great places to stuff ice
  • Hydrate before and from the beginning of your run
    • Once you begin to dehydrate, it is tough to come back from it
  • It’s important to get both water and electrolytes (can be consumed together, i.e. sports drinks)
  • Hydrate with electrolyte drinks that have equal concentration to normal blood values
    • Nuun is a great example of this
    • Ask a friendly Fairhaven Runners employee if you need help selecting a good electrolyte drink

Maxx Antush, Bellingham Distance Project

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