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Fairhaven Runners & Walkers Store Front

Fairhaven Runners & Walkers Signature Loop

Medium 8.5 miles

From the store, take a left and then a right (toward Bellingham Bay) on Harris Avenue for a block to 10th Street. Turn left and continue for two blocks. When the road goes left, run straight and pick up the trail as it heads to the left down the Padden Creek mini-gorge.

Continue heading east on wide trail past Fairhaven Park. When the trail comes to sidewalk at the corner of Julia and 18th, run left on sidewalk past the Rotary Trailhead on your left. Just head, after crossing 20th Street, pick up the trail again at the brown and yellow trail posts. After crossing another residential street, the wide gravel trail bends to the right and heads south. Run just short of a mile and see the Clarita Moore Trail heading left and up (take the 2nd entrance you see). When you get to the top, take a 90 degree right hand turn and continue down a residential road until you are heading north on 25th Street to Ye Old Fairhaven Parkway. Run right (east) to the next brown and yellow trail post where you take a left and, in no time, cross a nifty new bridge over the creek. Continue on trail past Bellingham CoHousing and turn right at the road. In two blocks, return to the trail by going left at, you guessed it, another brown/yellow post. Head north along the well-marked, snaking, wooded Connelly Creek trail and emerge at Douglas Avenue. After crossing the street, pick up the trail by Joe’s Garden and head toward a small woodsy stretch. After a short, sweet climb, emerge at Sehome High School. Cross Bill McDonald Parkway and run left. Just ahead run right on a trail that leads to the bottom of the Sehome Hill Arboretum.

Pass through the pedestrian gate and turn right. Climb some stairs then pick up the trail that follows the spine of the arboretum via a snaking singletrack. Follow all the way to the top and the sign for the viewing tower. Sprint to the top for a spectacular Gulf Islands-North Shore Mountains-Bellingham-western Whatcom County panorama.

Follow trails down the north side of the viewing tower (the opposite side that you came in from) and eventually emerge from the forest in a residential area on Jersey Street. Pound the downhill pavement for a block then run left on Laurel. Get shaggy on the ziggy-zaggy sidewalk, heading towards Bellingham Bay. Just beyond State Street, pick up the South Bay Trail and run left.

Head south on the wide gravel trail, Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island on your right, for about a mile to Boulevard Park. Follow paved trail through the park, then run the boardwalk, and up Taylor Steet dock to 10th Street. Run right on road for about a quarter-mile then continue on the obvious trail and follow for another quarter mile to the corner of 10th Street and Mill Street. Run left for a block; the store is to the right in the middle of the next block.