FitStation Analysis & Custom Me3D Insoles from Superfeet

You may have noticed this fancy contraption on the floor of the store. This is our super high tech Fitstation from locally headquartered Superfeet and their Swedish collaborator Volumental. We’ve had this kind of system for some years now, but this is the latest and greatest iteration. The FitStation comprises nifty scanning hardware, a pressure plate and sophisticated foot and gait analyzing software.
You may be asking, “so what?” Well, there is a lot to it, but two things are especially cool and good to know about.
One, is that we and you can learn so much about your feet in 90 seconds, including precise measurements of your arch, instep, heel and foot pressure points as you move. From there we will know more about how to fit shoes to your unique and special feet like never before. This is knowledge that you can even take with you, in your head, in an email if you like, and of course embodied in the new, best ever, shoes you could wear home. We’re happy to share this great technology with you. Just let us know if you are interested.
Second, is that this data can be used to create a personalized set of Superfeet insoles, called ME3D Insoles, that are custom made and specific just to you and how you move. (For instance, one of your arches may be higher than the other.) They can reduce foot and joint pain, on-your-feet-all-day fatigue and really are just plain comfortable.
So what? Happy feet. – Store owner Steve

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