Fall/Winter Running Tips

  • Self-massage (try The Stick) on cold muscles before heading out
  • Range of motion exercises (leg swinging, arm swinging, etc.)
  • Longer warmup run or walk than usual
  • Dress knowing you will be cold for a bit (plan for a 20 degree increase in warmth perception)
  • Wear a hat, lightweight gloves, lightweight long-sleeved shirt, and if necessary, a vest (layering is key!)
  • Intensity and effort influence whether you may/may not need a jacket or heavier layers
  • Tights work better than pants when it’s windy and rainy, and when going longer distances (less muscle fatigue)
  • Keep moving
  • Run with the wind (at your back) going out and into it coming back
  • Stretch
  • Hot shower
  • Ice sore muscles
  • Rehydrate and replenish with good food, carbs, protein, electrolytes
  • Read and doze off with your legs draped on the back of the couch. Try compression socks too. Great recovery aid. Ahhh!

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