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As the weather turns cooler and rainier, sometimes it is difficult to get motivated to workout. One thing that you can add to your life to stay healthy are LEAD ACTIONS.

A Lead Action leads us into another activity without much thought or choice. Here are some examples of Lead Actions:

  • I turn on my coffee maker in the morning and go directly into my living room and start doing the 3-Minute Core Workout (1-minute plank, 1-minute crunches, 1-minute push-ups).
  • One client works the night shift.  She has a light, healthy snack and puts on her workout gear before leaving work.  Then, when she gets home, she doesn’t even go into her house.  She starts walking for at least 20 minutes.  Or, she sometimes stops along the way from work and walks on a trail or in a different neighborhood.
  • Before going to bed, set out your workout clothes for the next day, put your running shoes by the door, and/or pack your gym bag.
  • Set your alarm for a half hour earlier so that you can jump up and go for a walk or a run.

What is one simple Lead Action you can incorporate into your daily routine this month to help you have a healthier life?   You got this!

Coach Carol Frazey

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