Running the trail at Lake Padded


Get sparked, decide absolutely and do it!

So, what is it going to take? You know, to get fired up this year!

What and where is the spark for your flame, your fire? Bill and Cami got cooking when they thought of running a marathon on each of the seven continents. Alan, hiked the 2200 mile Appalachian trail with a lifelong fire in his belly. And Dan was burning to do and then nearly burned out ascending 80,000 feet, over 122 hours, while coursing the Tor des Geants in Italy. “BarbandVicki” run hundred milers at 70 years old. These folks are just like us and live in our midst. They have or will soon talk in the store about their experience.

It’s hard to stop someone when they are burning with desire to do something, especially something epic or life changing or just dang cool. It could be a destination race or run, a time goal, a first race or even inspiring/coaching a friend or loved one to run. What is it for you? Get sparked, decide absolutely and do it!

Visit the store for talks, inspiration and of course the right gear. We love to help stoke that fire and make your dreams a reality.

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Hi, I'm Coach Steve Roguski

Owner of the store with my wife, Genevie. I have enjoyed many years of running, racing, race directing, running club volunteering, reading about running and leading runs and clinics through the store. Happy trails!