Fun Ways to Beat the Heat!

From the staff at Fairhaven Runners-

Go Jump in a Lake! Plan your run to end near the bay or a lake, and treat yourself to a cool dip and fun! – Fit School’s Coach Carol Frazey

After a hot workout, I like to immediately hose off my legs to reduce inflammation. If it’s good for a thoroughbred horse, it’s good enough for me. 😉 – Steve

I’ll wear a hat or buff and dip it in water. – Julia

Hydrating well going into the run, taking my shirt off and wearing my favorite brightly colored short shorts! – Conner

On the rare days I’m not out early enough to beat the blaze, I plan my run to go by drinking fountains and make sure to carry water with me. I also tend to daydream about the smoothies, lemonade, and other cold treats I get to consume afterwards :-)-Sierra

Sunscreen and chapstick! – Lydia

I like to sleep in too much to go for a run in the early morning, so I usually run at a toastier time of day. I’ll make it a shorter distance and not dawdle outside until I am ready to run. Bonus, I feel all warmed up in no time. – Genevie

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