Stop – Taper Time! Running Your Best Fall Marathon or Half

TAPER!  I am a big fan of tapering.  Having fresh legs and replenished body fuel is a key component to having a great race. When training for a marathon or half marathon, your longest run should be three to four weeks out from race day.  Two weeks before your race, your long run distance should be half of your longest run.  One week before your race, your long run should be one third the distance or less of your longest run. This allows your body to replace all glycogen stores and your legs to feel fresh on race day.

When tapering, you will feel bloated, sluggish, and achy.  This is normal.  Once you run the first mile of your race, you will feel light, fast, and amazing. The hardest part is trusting that you’ve done enough mileage.  The last few weeks before your race, the best thing you can to do is rest, recover, and mentally prepare for a great race.

Here is my training the week before the best marathon of my life:

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 miles




5 miles


3 miles


3 miles


Off 3 slow miles Off RACE

3:28 at age 46

Here is a Race Day Checklist to help you prepare for the big day

You can do this!

Coach Carol Frazey

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