3 Ways to Stay in Shape and Eat Healthy Over the Holidays

Tips from Coach Carol
  • In your calendar, commit to the days and times that you will exercise and make dates for workouts with friends. Keep these commitments like you would an important appointment.
  • Want to enjoy all those holiday celebrations that offer a wonderful and bountiful array of food, but worried about overindulging? Grab a smaller plate to better ensure for healthy portion sizes.
  • Plan for, shop for, always have stocked up, and eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Before attending holiday parties or for a pre-dinner snack at home, fill up on these healthy foods.
Remember to have fun and enjoy! Happy Holidays!
-Coach Carol Frazey
Carol Frazey is a lifelong runner with a mission to educate and motivate individuals to make small changes each day to live healthier lives and to have fun while doing it. She is the coach and owner of The Fit School and leads our Jump Start into Running Clinics.

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Hi, I'm Coach Carol Frazey

My mission is to educate and motivate people to make small changes each day to live healthier lives…and to have fun while doing it! Using the knowledge I gained from my Master’s in Kinesiology and my 24 years of coaching experience, I would love the opportunity to help you improve your running through The Fit School for Women Walking/Running Program, In-person Individual Coaching , or Online Coaching.